About us


Over the past 26 years, our members have participated in over 1500 searches in a total of 9 states. We are on-call 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, regardless of weather conditions or circumstances. We assist local, state, and federal agencies on searches for lost/missing children and/or adults. Many of our searches are for missing autistic children, adults with Alzheimer’s disease, and runaways. We also frequently assist law enforcement in locating the remains of deceased persons who have died of natural causes or as a result of criminal activity. Our members participate in regular training sessions, as well as attending and leading week-long training seminars in 13 states. In addition to the training we receive, we also provide training/overview of “SARTopo” (mapping software), land-navigation, GPS, clue awareness and man-tracking  for state agencies and other search and rescue teams. Southern Pride Search Dogs participates multiple times each year at public service events, giving presentations and demonstrations to Girl/Boy Scouts, churches, schools, and other organizations.  We try to increase public awareness of search and rescue, the services we provide and educate the general public on wilderness safety. Our team members are located throughout North Carolina. This enables us to provide a timely response to search for missing/lost people throughout the state. Southern Pride Search Dogs is a public charity,  search & rescue organization and is not affiliated with any county or municipality. Our team does not require financial assistance from requesting agencies, and we are able to provide logistical support as needed.